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Prolution is a unique, flexible, solution-oriented supplier of electronics, mechanics and other finished products, with an attentive eye for your needs. As a matter of fact, we supply semi-finished products, such as PCBAs, cabling and housings. However, we go a step further: we don’t focus only on production, but also on improving your product.

Prolution mainly focuses on the following product groups:

Prolution always develops and/or produces on behalf of third parties (on the basis of the customer specifications), at which the ownership rights (IP) and the product liability always lies with the customer.






Prolution supplies PCBAs for various products, in any volume.  The production of these PCBAs will take place in China and Eastern Europe, depending on the need in complexity and volume. We can assemble virtually any type of print, from the simplest to the most complex PCBAs. We use advanced machinery for processing so-called SMDs. Several techniques are used for making the PCBAs: SMT (Surface Mount Technology) and THT (Through Hole Technology). To achieve high-quality supplies, we make use of AOI inspection systems and, if desired using X-ray. For function testing products we offer the option of client-specific testing equipment with test fixtures.

The PCBAs are in principle all lead-free, but if desired we can also supply lead-containing PCBAs. In our portfolio you can find examples of the different PCBAs that Prolution can produce. Below we look at OR discuss the different techniques that we use and the accompanying processes.


Prolution also supplies the various components needed to manufacture products housings. We use, among other things, the following various production techniques to realise a durable and unique product:

  • Plastic deformation techniques such as vacuum forming and blow moulding
  • Metal processing in the broadest sense of the word
  • Injection moulding of both plastics and aluminium
  • Extrusion of both various types of plastics and aluminium

Treatment surface area such as anodising, coating, powder coating and printing are self-evidently – this gives your product that distinctive look!

Total solutions

Would you like to discuss only with one person and no longer mediate between suppliers of the various processes and components?
Prolution will take care of this for you! In other words, Prolution will provide not only semi-finished products, such as cabling and PCBAs, but also finished products. Starting with the initial stage and throughout all the other processes, we can think from your perspective and take a lot of work from your hands.  

We always strive for the best quality and, therefore, pay very close attention to quality control. Obviously, the products manufactured by us must meet certain quality standards. Safety and endurance are, for example, two key features that any Prolution product must have. However, we are more than happy to raise quality to an even higher level: not only our products must be of the highest quality, but also the collaboration with you (thinking from your perspective and unburdening), the delivery times (on time and as agreed) and the entire process (from planning to the finished product) must be of excellent quality. By thinking from your perspective and constantly communicating with you, Prolution goes a step further!

Total care

Prolution can also produce the entire finished product for you. Our employees have years of experience in this industry and we can unburden you entirely. In our portfolio you can read about several projects we realised. However, how do we handle this?

We see ourselves as a project director: you have an idea or a product that needs to be developed further. The management of this product development can be completely left to us. We keep the lines of communication short and clear, so you are very closely involved in the process, but you do not have to worry about the various contacts with suppliers, procurers, etc.

We always ask several important questions:

  1. What exactly is your need?
  2. How has this need arisen?
  3. What are the problems you face?
  4. What solutions can we create for you?
  5. How can we develop this further, so that the final product meets your needs?
  6. What is the ultimate desired result and how we did we arrive at this result?

Throughout the process, there is a close collaboration with our client. Actually, it is you to decide how much Prolution’s team should get involve. Would you like to know more about this process? Please contact one of our colleagues and decide together how we can be of help.

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