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  • Temperature monitoring system
  • Main Supply Unit
  • Blackbox
  • Tracker System

Total solutions

Prolution is glad to think from your perspective! Besides the production of semi-finished products, such as PCBAs, cabling and housing, we go a step further and we provide, if desired, also the production of your finished product. We also gladly think along with you to improve your finished product.

Finished product

Through a skilful blend of mechanics and electronics, we can deliver products with a unique look. In addition to the product itself, we can also produce the system material, the membrane switches, the manual and the packaging for you. This is efficient and orderly organised! Obviously, we also gladly pay attention to the IP classification of your product (this indicates the degree of protection of enclosures).

In our portfolio, we show a number of products where Prolution has played a significant production role.

Semi-finished goods

  • Battery Packs
    Prolution has direct contact with a Chinese battery factory, that can manufacture both standard and professional battery packs.
  • PCBAs
    Prolution takes care of the purchasing and production of PCBAs for you in all shapes and sizes, in any volume.
  • Cabling
    Prolution delivers for you various cabling and cabling harnesses, in which we also think together with you a connector solution, including a waterproof solution in accordance with IP67 standards.
  • Housing
    Prolution supplies housings for which we provide the development, the mould and the housings according to the client’s specifications.

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