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UPPii Demontable Scooter Wiper

In cooperation with the designer Pezy group the UPPii has been developed for our client. The UPPii is a portable wiper that can be easily placed on a windshield for a scooter, recumbent bike, etc. The UPPii is equipped with a rechargeable battery pack and a solar cell. The UPPii comes with a remote control.

The following activities have been completed by us:

  • translation of the product design into producible design of the injection molded parts
  • optimization of the drive mechanism (transmission from engine to wiper head)
  • define and select battery pack (including charging board charging / discharging)
  • development of electronics / steering
  • selection of the remote control (purchase part)
  • selection of the solar cell (customer specifically tailored to the design)
  • prototyping (for assessment functionality)
  • mold production
  • zero series (for assessment of suitability mass production)
  • CE certification (testing on the standard set by the customer)
  • mass production (composition to complete end product: injection molded parts, PCBA, battery pack, electromechanical parts, solar cell, motor)
  • packaging (in order to reduce the transport volume, the customer has chosen to take care of the packaging himself, the luxury carrier is designed and delivered by us)

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