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  • Snail Guard
  • Snail Guard
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Snail Guard

Snails in your vegetable garden, that's the last thing you need. Our customer makes kits for wooden vegetable gardens. To keep the snails out of the vegetable gardens, our client has developed, in cooperation with Prolution (among others), an electric fence wire against snails.

The following activities have been completed by Prolution:

  • describing functional requirements
  • setting functional specifications
  • translation of the product design into manufacturable end product
  • creating the required production documentation
  • sourcing, producing and assembling the end product
  • the purchase of all necessary components for the PCBA, the housing and the packaging
  • production of the PCBA
  • production of the required molds and injection molding of the plastic housing
  • printing on the housing
  • instructions for use and packaging


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