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Mobilock, a unique mobility system!

In cooperation with our client Mobilock we have made a contribution to the development of a very strong intelligent bike lock, with which the lock can be monitored remotely and controlled by means of an app.

Prolution takes care of the production of high-quality electronics for multiple parts of the lock. The electronics, the battery pack and the wiring were arranged by Prolution and Prolution also implemented product optimisations in the relevant parts in order to achieve a more manageable production result.

The following activities have been completed by us in this process:

  • the purchase of all necessary components for the PCBA, battery pack and cable assemblies
  • produce PCBA (SMD conventional, programming and testing)
  • optimization of the battery pack (harmonization of power consumption of rest and peak demand)
  • selecting an alternative engine (same specifications, better pricing and availability)
  • optimization of cabling (matching the assembly)
  • assembling electronics (casting the housing)

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