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MindMate is a smart and helpful device that prevents people to forget their things upon departure. Think, for example, of keys, telephone and wallet. MindMate gives a warning before you leave the house, in case you’ve forgotten something.

Project Dementia in the Digital Age

The idea originated from the Project Dementia in the Digital Age in Groningen. The director was immediately enthusiastic. He recognised the problem because of a forgetful family member and took over the idea. E.g. with the help of physicians and other specialists, he further developed the idea.

Prolution was given the chance to join from the test phase and has carried out the following work:

  • managing prototyping of the entire MindMate
  • creating the required production moulds for the injection moulding components
  • purchasing all required components
  • making the cutting tools for the various spring contacts
  • producing the electronics
  • programming and testing the base station and the labels
  • pairing and packing of the whole

After the launch at the end of September 2016, when the product was very well received, the first demonstration models have been delivered, which resulted in a follow-up order for Prolution.

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