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Prolution supplies PCBAs for various products, in any volume. We can assemble virtually any type of print, from the simplest to the most complex PCBAs. We use advanced machinery for processing, so-called SMDs. Several techniques are used for making the PCBAs: SMT (Surface Mount Technology) and THT (Through Hole Technology). To achieve high-quality supplies, we make use of AOI inspection systems and, if desired using X-ray. For function testing products we offer the option of client-specific testing equipment with test fixtures.

The PCBAs are in principle all lead-free, but if desired we can also supply lead-containing PCBAs. In our portfolio you can find examples of the different PCBAs that Prolution can produce. Below we discuss the different techniques that we use and the accompanying processes.

Surface Mount Technology

Surface Mount Technology is a technology to place SMD components on the bare boards, ranging from 0102 - BGAs. Prolution processes the SMD components both by means of the reflow process, single and double-sided, as well as by gluing and then wave soldering. All steps of the process are carried out fully automatic. Prolution uses the latest high-end production lines.

Through Hole Technology

In addition to SMD technology Prolution also processes Through Hole components. These components are tailored to the needs, processed manually with the utmost precision, both by selective soldering and wave soldering.

SMD production line

Prolution uses high-end production lines, spread over several sites. On these sites, every form, regardless of complexity can be processed without capacity restrictions. The production is classified to the needs of the product and the volume thus gets exactly the attention it needs.

Inspection equipment

All products produced by Prolution are visually inspected with, among other things, AOI systems and/or X-ray. Where possible, the products are tested functionally. Functional testing can be conducted with test systems supplied by the client or with systems produced by Prolution.

Furthermore, we offer the options to fit the produced PCBs with a coating, which is applied in a professional spray painting line.

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