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Prolution supplies PCBAs for various electronic devices in any volume, from the simplest to the most complex PCBs. The PCBAs are in principle all lead-free (RoHS), but, if desired we can also supply lead-containing PCBAs (non-RoHS). In our Electronics portfolio, we show you the PCBAs diversity that we can produce.


Prolution does more than just assembling various PCBAs. We can also produce the housings for your products. We realize this by using different techniques to give the products the distinctive appearance that you are looking for! You can find an example of the various housings produced by us in our Mechanics portfolio.

Total solutions

You have an idea or a product that needs to be further developed. The management of this product’s development can be entirely left to us. Prolution combines the various production disciplines or semi-finished products, which results in a finished product. We gladly think from your perspective right from the beginning! You can find more information on the different options in our
Total solutions portfolio.

Total care

We can unburden you completely: from the initial stage to the final product delivery! We keep the lines of communication short and clear, so you are very closely involved in the entire process. Throughout the process, there is a close collaboration between you and Prolution and you can decide just how much you want the Prolution team to get involve in project management.
In our Total care portfolio, you can read more on the various projects that we have realised.


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