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UPDATE Corona-virus China


As we mentioned earlier this week, our office in Shenzhen started working again. From our colleagues in Shenzhen, and also from several suppliers, we understand that the factories that are starting up again currently run at no more than 20% of its capacity. Employees who have been outside the region must remain in quarantine for 14 days from the local authorities. 

As a result, a number of factories expect to be fully operational again in mid-March this year. The airline companies also expect to start flying again to and from China in mid-March.

We have also been in contact with the factories in Wuhan. They expect that this region will not start before 24 February 2020.  

For the latest information, please often check our website.



Our office in Shenzhen is working again since today. As it appears, the first factories will start again next Friday 14-02-2020. Several factories will follow in the coming 2 weeks, except for the Wuhan region. Everything will remain closed there for the time being. 

We will keep you informed. 



Worldwide we have taken notice of the Corona virus in China with the origin in Wuhan Area. 

All factories in China are still closed because of the Chinese Newyear. Normally they will start again on 03-02-2020, but considering the severity of the Corona virus, the start of the factories will be delayed till 10-02-2020. We expect this can also be later. 

Prolution will take care of all deliveries to our customers and we will try to delay as little as possible to avoid problems for our customers. When there are problems, we shall inform our customers as soon as possible and try to find a solution. 

Thanks for your understanding and we will keep all customers informed.
For the latest information, please check our website often.

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