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As indicated in our previous message, China is starting to recover reasonably well and the factories are currently running at 80 to 90% of their capacity. It remains therefore tight planning to get everything out and minimize the delays.

The Wuhan region has also started up again in the factories since 08-04-2020 and in the coming weeks they will be at a capacity of 50 to 60%. They expect to be at 80 to 90% of their capacity within a considerable period of time. People are happy that things are starting to get a bit "normal" again, but when we have contact with them you can taste the fear of a second outbreak.

What we also see is that the costs for air freight from Asia are increasing daily, so here we will determine in good consultation with our customers whether it is necessary to send it by air freight or whether it can be sent by sea transport.

The situation in Eastern Europe has not changed much since our last mailing. Fortunately, the factories where we have housed our productions continue to operate, although at a much lower capacity. Here, too, it means strict planning in terms of production and transport and delays will certainly occur. We will inform our customers as well as possible and in a timely manner, so we can find a suitable solution where possible.

Hoping for your understanding, we are sure that we will all come back stronger together.

Happy Easter, stay at home and stay safe.

Team Prolution


When China starts working again the rest of the world, including Europe, is confronted with the COVID-19 virus. As a result, many European countries have been or will be partially or completely locked, where travel between different countries is virtually impossible and transports continue on a smaller scale. However, this will be accompanied by the necessary delays, see the traffic jams at the border crossings.

All this has major consequences for all of us and Prolution is also affected by this. The factories in Eastern Europe where we have our productions, produce at a lower capacity because people have to be at home to look after their children and where people who have symptoms of flu and colds have to stay at home or will be sent home.

Prolution will do everything in its power to ensure that deliveries take place on the confirmed dates as much as possible, but there will be delays in the coming weeks. We will therefore inform our customers in time and try to find an appropriate solution where possible.

Hoping for your understanding, we are sure that we will all come out stronger together.

With kind regards, 

Team Prolution


The world is now under the spell of the Corona virus. Various government measures are being taken in Europe and also in the Netherlands, as a result of which public life has almost come to a standstill. 

From now on, our employees will work from home as much as possible. Our quality control and warehouse will always be available during office hours. The business phone will probably be less accessible. We would therefore kindly request you to ask your questions by E-mail as much as possible. In case of emergency, it is best to reach our emplyees on their mobile phone numbers. 

Since air traffic has largely been shut down, it is not easy for us to guarantee the final delivery dates. We will try to inform you as much as possible and in a timely manner regarding your orders. This applies to both China and Eastern Europe. We hope for your understanding. 

Due to all European measures, we currently don't know how the factories in Eastern Euope will be. We have very close contact with our suppliers and the factories there. It is currently also difficult for them to indicate whether they can make the schedule in the factories, but also how it is going with the transport. We will be on top of this and try to avoid any delay. As the borders are being controlled, delays will certainly occur here.

Our Shenzhen office and the factories in this region are running at around 90% capacity, but the delays are still increasing due to the sustained backlog and because the 100% capacity is still not there. In addition, as mentioned earlier, a large part of the air traffic has been shut down, which makes it difficult to indicate when deliveries will be made. 

In the Wuhan region factories are still closed. The start of the factories in the Wuhan region is currently postponed to week 15 2020. 

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Our office in Shenzhen is operational again. All factories have started, but they are running at 50 to 60% of their capacity. The expectation is that they will return to 90% of the capacity in week 11. 
Given the backlog in the factories, there will still be some delay in the coming period regarding deliveries. Prolution will try to limit this as much as possible. 

But in the Wuhan region the factories are still closed. The start of the factories in Wuhan is currently planned for 10-03-2020. 

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erstanding. As we mentioned earlier this week, our office in Shenzhen started working again. From our colleagues in Shenzhen, and also from several suppliers, we understand that the factories that are starting up again currently run at no more than 20% of its capacity. Employees who have been outside the region must remain in quarantine for 14 days from the local authorities. 

As a result, a number of factories expect to be fully operational again in mid-March this year. The airline companies also expect to start flying again to and from China in mid-March.

We have also been in contact with the factories in Wuhan. They expect that this region will not start before 24 February 2020.  

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Our office in Shenzhen is working again since today. As it appears, the first factories will start again next Friday 14-02-2020. Several factories will follow in the coming 2 weeks, except for the Wuhan region. Everything will remain closed there for the time being. 

We will keep you informed. 



Worldwide we have taken notice of the Corona virus in China with the origin in Wuhan Area. 

All factories in China are still closed because of the Chinese Newyear. Normally they will start again on 03-02-2020, but considering the severity of the Corona virus, the start of the factories will be delayed till 10-02-2020. We expect this can also be later. 

Prolution will take care of all deliveries to our customers and we will try to delay as little as possible to avoid problems for our customers. When there are problems, we shall inform our customers as soon as possible and try to find a solution. 

Thanks for your understanding and we will keep all customers informed.
For the latest information, please check our website often.

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