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Our offices

The Netherlands - Hoogeveen

Prolution’s head offices are established in Hoogeveen. From here, we control all processes from assignment to delivery: project support, planning, purchasing, logistics, inventory control and quality monitoring.

In our main offices in Hoogeveen, there is a team of highly qualified, trained technical and commercial employees. Together, every day, they ensure perfectly organised processes and moreover, they assure the timely delivery of high quality products.

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Pand Hoogeveen


China - Shenzhen

From our office in Shenzhen, we translate your needs into available processes. In addition, we obviously consider the volumes, price and look of the product. In addition, we ensure the purchasing and logistic processes and we control the various manufacturing processes. As a matter of fact, we monitor the quality from A to Z: from the submission of the order to the final inspection prior to shipping.

Our employees in China are well-educated and highly professional. They know how to improve and manage the processes for offering a better result. This way, our colleagues in China follow the exact level of service that we provide in the Netherlands.

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