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About Prolution

Prolution is a unique, flexible, solution-oriented supplier of electronics, mechanics and other finished products, with an attentive eye for your needs. As a matter of fact, we supply semi-finished products, such as PCBAs, cabling and housings. However, we go a step further: we don’t focus only on production, but also on improving your product.

From our offices in the Netherlands and China, we, at Prolution, focus on the control of all processes, from producibility to the manufacturing process. The team of professionals from Prolution takes care of these aspects, with the goal of producing premium, industrial products with a unique look.


What do we do?

Prolution is a supplier of electronics, mechanics and other finished products. We deliver semi-finished products, such as PCBAs, cabling and housings, and focus on functional finished products with an exclusive look and, when and if required, with accompanying packaging.

Creative in coming up with solutions for your line of products, Prolution gladly participates in the final development of your product. Together with each client, we make the transition from concept to finished product. Obviously, we consider interfaces between electronics and mechanics. Prolution provides support for both the development and the preparing of the product for manufacturing as well as for aspects related to purchasing and production.

Why Prolution?

Prolution has a unique approach, especially when it comes to the integration of PCBAs and their housings. If you choose Prolution, not only you choose quality, short lines of communication and a cost-effective and fast production of your product, but also an innovative partner to gladly think about ways to improve your product and, therefore, to upgrade your product. If you are open to change, Prolution can optimize your product!

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